Atlantis: When the Civilization Existed

The ancient lost civilization of Atlantis supposedly existed prior to the very beginning of record human civilization. In this article we are going to look at the question, when did Atlantis Exist?

According to legends, Atlantis was destroyed around 12 000 years ago. The civilization was at its peak 50 000 years ago, with advanced technology. Atlantis originated millions of years ago, with early inhabitants coming from another world.

The writings of Plato correspond with more contemporary sources of information on Atlantis, such as the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, describing the end days of Atlantis before sinking into the ocean. However its more difficult to pin point when the Atlantean civilization started.

Atlantis reached its peak of advanced technology around 50 000 BC.

Atlantis was destroyed around 12 000 years ago

According to Plato, Atlantis was destroyed in a single day and night. He learned of the destruction of Plato from another Athenian named Solon, who lived a few hundred years before him. Solon learned of the destruction of Atlantis from Egyptian priests, who described it being destroyed 9000 years before there time. Since Plato lived from 428 to 348 BC, that would mean Atlantis was destroyed around 10 000 BC.

The psychic readings of Edgar Cayce differ a little bit from the description of Plato, although they agree on the date of the final destruction. However, Cayce describes Atlantis being destroyed over a long period of time. The first round of disasters occurred around 50 000 years ago, followed by another disaster in about 28 500 BC. Then the last disaster at about 10 500 BC, and each disaster occurred over a period of several months.

Atlantis was destroyed in a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around 12 000 years ago.

Atlantis reached its peak of civilization around 50 000 years ago

Atlantis had a period of time where it reached its peak, possessing its most advanced technology, and conquering other lands.

The civilization was built on a series of concentric circles, and they built elaborate canals, aqueducts, and bridges. They had technology called the Fire Stone, which was a crystal that harnessed energy from the sun, and enabled them to power the technology of their civilization, which was similar to the modern technology we have now, including communication devices, and high-speed transportation.

The Atlanteans had colonies in Africa, Asia, and South America. In particular, they occupied Libya, Greek islands in the Mediterranean, and were attempting to conquer Athens at the time of their last destruction. You can read more about which modern day countries Atlantis was in here. 

The Atlanteans were also highly evolved spiritually, and possessed a high level of consciousness. They were capable of telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection, and could move between this dimension and the fourth dimension.

Atlantis Originated Several Million Years Ago

The ability of the Atlanteans to move between dimensions makes sense when we begin to explore the origins of Atlantis. Although unlike the final destruction, it is much more difficult to pin point when Atlantis began.

According to the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, as well as the work of Helena Blavatsky, the famed mystic, Atlantis goes back millions of years.

Cayce describes Atlantis as being one of the very first places people began to incarnate here on earth. He believed that humans have eternal souls and existed elsewhere prior to coming to this world. Cayce describes the early days of Atlantis as being very difficult for the Atlanteans, as they were continually at war with enormous animals who would invade them.

Helena Blavatsky also describes the beginning of Atlantis as being millions of years ago. Her cosmology is similar to that of Hinduism, which describes the world in terms of cycles of millions of years.

Blavatksy described the Atlanteans as being a root race, like the the Lemurians who arrived on earth 34.5 million years ago, shown in this artist rendering.

According to her work, life came to earth in a series of root races. The first were ethereal amoebas which she called the Polarians. The Atlanteans were the fourth group of beings to come to earth, and arrived around 4.5 million years ago. She describes them as being descendants of the Lemurians, who arrived 34.5 million years ago and lived on a continent in the Indian Ocean. They existed at the time of dinosaurs and were much larger than humans. Read more about Helena Blavatsky here.

According to Blavatsky, Atlantis reached its peak around 1 million years ago, and had a socialist economic system, advanced aircraft, and were the first to develop organized warfare.

The Origins of Atlantis According to Plato

Plato does not go into detail as to when Atlantis began, although he stated that Atlantis was created by the Greek god Poseidon. As told by Homer and the other Greek poets, Poseidon became the god of the sea, and then fell in love with a girl named Cleito, who lived on an island in the ocean. When Poseidon made love to Cleito, the impact reverberated through the island, moving the earth and forming it into the concentric circular shape that Atlantis is known.

Poseidon became the god of the sea when him and his brothers Zeus and Hades overthrew their father Kronos. Kronos was the king of the Titans, which was the generation of gods before the Olympians, of which Poseidon was a part of.  Kronos was the son of Gaia the divine mother and Uranis the sky father.

According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon and Cleito had 10 sons, who were the kings of Atlantis. Their descendants were the rules of Atlantis, who ruled over a peasant class of Atlantean citizens. Read more about Poseidon and the kings of Atlantis here.

Poseidon and his wife Cleito had 10 sons, who were the kings of Atlantis.

Atlantis After the Great Disaster that Destroyed the Civilization

While Atlantis came to an end around 12 000 years ago, it did not cease to exist entirely, as Atlanteans migrated to other parts of the world. They preserved much of their advanced knowledge, and were responsible for creating both the Egyptian civilization, as well as the Mayan in Central America.

According to Edgar Cayce, people who lived in Atlantis have been reincarnating into our world again, and possess an aptitude for technology. This is a big part of why so much technological evolution has occurred over the last couple hundred years.

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