Atlantis: Which Modern Countries it Existed In

Atlantis is a lost civilization shrouded in mystery. When we start learning about this fascinating place, often one of the first questions that comes to mind is: what country was Atlantis in?

Atlantis was located in the countries of Libya, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, and United States. The majority of the civilization was located on a continent in the Atlantic Ocean, which sank and is now submerged by water.

Atlantis was located on a continent in the Atlantis Ocean that no longer exists. According to Plato the continent sank in a single day, filling the Atlantic Ocean with mud in the process. Other sources of information on Atlantis, such as the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, describe the process as happening more slowly, with the continent breaking into smaller islands over a period of several thousand years.

There is a large area in the Atlantic Ocean that is 9000 ft higher than the surrounding areas of the ocean floor, with many suggesting that this could have been a continent in the past, before sinking and being submerged by water.

Atlantis was partially located in Libya

According to Plato, Atlantis occupied what is now modern-day Libya. This is according to the description Plato inherited by Solon, who lived several generations earlier and had been educated by Egyptian priests as to the true history of Atlantis. Libya neighbors Egypt, and is across the Mediterranean Sea from Greece, where Atlantis had its last war prior to being destroyed.

Atlantis in the islands of Greece

According to Plato, Atlantis was a conquering military power, and continued to expand its territory of power. The empire of Atlantis may have included the island of Santorini, which is part of Greece. This small island is located in the Mediterranean Sea between the mainland of Greece, and Libya and Egypt on the other coast. Atlantis waged war on Athens, the capital of Greece, who courageously fought back and defeated the Atlantean army. Shortly after this batter the natural disaster occurred that caused Atlantis to sink into the ocean. You can read more about Plato’s description of the war between Atlantis and Athens here.

The mountains of Atlantis are now the islands of Portugal

Ignatius Donnelly believes that the Azores islands of Portugal are the tips of what was once the mountains of Atlantis. The Azores are a group of islands off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, but considered a part of the country. Atlantis had a large prairie region, as well as mountains, and while most of the continent was submerged underwater, the tips of its mountains are still above sea-level, and are now in modern-day Portugal. You can read more about the geological changes that may have caused Atlantis to sink here. 

Atlantis in the Mississippi River of the United States

Some theories suggest that Atlantis had a colony in the Mississippi river of the United States. The formation of continents was different then, and while North America did not exist as it does today, a large continent in what is now the Arctic Ocean existed. The Atlanteans had colonies there, and were responsible for the similarities of plant life between North America and Europe, as they were an agricultural civilization, and cultivated and transported plants across their lands.

The similarities between the animals of Europe and those of North America also suggest they had access to one and other in the past. The wolves of both regions are identical, and also elk, lemmings, reindeer, and other animals all suggest the two continents had been in contact with each other in the past.

Artistic rendering of Atlantean ships visiting their colonies in Central America.

Atlantis had colonies in Mexico

Some of the most popular theories on Atlantis place the Yucatan Peninsula as being front and center of the mystery. A strange structure was on the floor of the ocean found off the coast of Mexico. Researchers say it shows possible signs of being man-made, and predates ancient Egypt. It could potentially be a road from ancient Atlantis.

There are many similarities between the cultures of the Toltecs, Aztecs, and Mayan people of Mexico, and the Hebrew, Aryan, Phoenician, Greek, Cushite cultures of the Mediterranean. They share similar beliefs about burial, baptism.

Another important similarity these different groups have in common is cultural memories of a massive flood which wiped out civilization.  Both the Mediterranean and the Native American people have myths describing a higher power wiping out humanity, but sparing a single righteous man and his family, so that they can repopulate the earth.

In the Bible this is described as the Great Flood, in which Noah is instructed to build the Ark. Similarly, the indigenous Mexicans have a myth of a man named Coxcox who built a large boat to save him and his family, along with animals in order to repopulate the earth after a massive flood kills everyone else.

Like Noah and the Great Flood of the Bible, Indigenous Mexicans have myths of Coxcox building a ship and surviving the flood.

Like Noah, who sends out a dove which then returns with an olive branch in its mouth, Coxcox sends out a humming bird after sailing in the water before reaching land. The humming bird returns with a leafy branch in its mouth, signaling that the earth is ready to be revegetated and populated. Read more about the exodus from Atlantis to Central America here. 

Atlantean Colonies in Peru and Bolivia

Atlantis may have been present throughout the coast of South America, occupying Peru and Bolivia, as well as having colonies in Brazil. These cultures have myths of bearded wise men visiting them in ancient times, which have been interpreted as being representatives from Atlantis.

Despite many changes occurring in the formation of the surface of earth since the time of Atlantis, remnants of the civilization existed in regions that are now part of modern-day countries. The description of Plato, plus the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, as well as geological evidence, a study of the plants and animals and the cultures that descended from Atlantis all suggest the it was located in a now non-existen continent in the Atlnatic Ocean, but occupied Libya, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia.

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