Atlantis According to Edgar Cayce

To many, the idea of an advanced civilization existing in prehistoric times has the ring of truth. According to the famous American Psychic Edgar Cayce, this is because a civilization called Atlantis existed, and many people who are alive today experienced past lives there. In this article, we are going to explore what Cayce said about the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce described Atlantis as a civilization that existed on a continent in the Atlantic Ocean. They had advanced technology including the ability to generate power, communications, and transportation. Atlantis goes back at least one million years, and was destroyed in a series of natural disasters between 50 000 BC and 10 000 BC.

Cayce made these descriptions in a series of psychic readings conducted between 1923 and 1944, in which he described how many people living today had lived past lives in Atlantis, including himself. He described how the Atlanteans migrated away from their civilizations during the disasters, founding other civilizations which still exist today.

Cayce described how some of his patients had lived past lives in Atlantis.

Cayce Described Past Lives in Atlantis

Cayce spoke extensively on reincarnation, often describing the past lives of the people who would consult him. He said that many Atlanteans were reincarnating on earth once again, and that they would be involved in ushering in a new era of greater human consciousness.

Many of the people who were the subjects of Cayce’s readings and had lived in Atlantis exhibited traits of Atlantis. Often this meant an aptitude and interest in science and technology from a very young age. During these readings Cayce always had a consistent message along with the readings that the subject (which he referred to as entity during his readings) should choose to live an ethical life path. He repeatedly stressed how important is it that they use their technical abilities to make something constructive, rather than destructive. When researchers followed up on some of Cayce’s subjects later in their lives, it was often observed that the former Atlanteans who had pursed lucrative careers that were contrary to being in service to humanity were suffering. While those who put their technical abilities towards something that made the world a better place for all were enjoying greater joy and happiness in their personal lives.

“Be it true that there is the fact of reincarnation, and that souls that once occupied such an environ, (i.e., Atlantis) are entering the earth’s sphere and inhabiting individuals in the present, is it any wonder that – if they made such alterations in the affairs of the earth in their day, as to bring destruction upon themselves – if they are entering now, they might make many changes in the affairs of peoples and individuals in the present?”

Atlantis as Described by Edgar Cayce

During the first half of the 20th century Edgar Cayce did a series of channeled readings of the Akashic Records, where he received knowledge of Atlantis. In fact, Cayce made over 700 references to Atlantis in 14,000 readings he conducted over his lifetime. According to Cayce, Atlantis was located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar, which is right between Spain and Morocco, and where The Pillars of Hercules are located. He said that Atlantis was destroyed in 10,000 BC.

Edgar Described the small island area of Bimini as being a tiny remnant of Atlantis.

Atlantis Location According to Cayce

 “The position …the continent of Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan and America.

 This placement is consistent with where Plato described it. It also makes sense to be located there when you consider where the Atlanteans fled to and the places that show evidence of Atlantean cultural influence.

One of Cayce’s ideas about Atlantis is that it would reappear in 1968/9 off the east coast of North America, which he called the “rising of Atlantis”. It was around then that the Bimini Road was discovered.

He described Atlantis as being the size of Eurasia, and that it had gone through three major periods of division. In 15,600 BC the main body of land divided into a group islands, with the 3 main ones being called Poseida, Og, and Aryan.

The Bihimi Road

His readings have led a lot of focus to be placed on an underwater rock formation near the Bahamas called The Bimini Road, with some believing that it is a man-made structure. Before the last ice age 12,000 years ago the ocean levels were 300 feet lower than they currently are, and The Bihimi Road was one of the highest points in a vast island that is now submerged. There is another high point of the same submerged land mass located 100 miles from there, called Andros island. According to Cayce, this area was the Poseida temple, and is identical to another hall of records which he described as being under the Sphinx in Egypt. Interestingly, exploration under the Sphinx is not permitted.

An ancient rock structure found near Bimini appears to be man-made, and could be the ruins of an Atlantean road.

Edgar Cayce Was Known as Asule During Atlantis

He incarnated 50 000 BC in Atlantis, and was known by the name Asule. Cayce often worked with a woman Latus Davis Tuner, who was his stenographer. In Atlantis both of them existed within the being known as Asule. Only later did they split into two beings, and incarnated as the two people known as Edgar Cayce and Latus Davis Tuner.

According to Edgar, much of modern technology is simply rediscovering what existed in Atlantean culture. His work describes how their technology made some of the Atlanteans became overly focused on material things. The previously highly spiritual Atlanteans fractured into two groups, The Children of the Law of One, who continued on the spiritual traditions of earlier generations, and the Sons of Belial, who became further engrossed in satisfying their desires and appetites.

Beginnings of Atlantis

 Cayce’s reading describes humans living tens of millions of years ago on Earth. According to the readings the surface of planet Earth was very different then. Of all the land masses we have today, only the Sahara, Tibet, Mongolia, Caucasia and Norway, as well as Peru, and a small portion of southwest united states existed back then. Humans lived in the Sahara which was very fertile then. At this time there 133 million people.

These readings are contradictory to the archeological evidence conventional researchers are working with, who say humans began much later. However, the decades preceding Cayce’s readings, new archeological discoveries have been made that close the gap between Cayce and conventional research. A series of human remains that been dug up that are shedding new light on prehistoric human evolution, and placing human origins much further back in time, possibly by as much as a million years earlier than the 300-400 thousand years ago as is generally believed.

Cayce described how Atlantis was one of the very first places humans incarnated on earth. Prior to that, they had been purely spiritual beings. When they incarnated in physical form, they did so as five races, the red, white, black, brown, and yellow. When asked why five, Cayce said that the physical world was perceived with five senses as well, and five is “that element which represents man in his physical form and the attributes to which he may become conscious from the elemental or spiritual to the physical consciousness”.

Cayce describes how in the early days of Atlantis explosives were developed as weapons as a result of an invasion, which changed human consciousnesses.

Then began that period when there were invasions of this continent by those of the animal kingdom. This brought about the meetings of the nations of the globe to prepare a way and manner of disposing of them.”

His readings describe a war between these ancient humans and animals. When these explosives were made It meant that humanity “began to cope with those of the beast form that overran the earth in many places”.

He goes on to describe a council where different nations met in order to deal with the problem of the huge animals that were invading them, and how advanced technology was used to transport members of this council to the meetings.

In days when the peoples of nations gathered together to defend themselves against fowls of air and beasts of the fields, came to meeting in lighter-than-air machines.”

When asked when this meeting he was describing occurred, Cayce responded that it was in 50 722 B.C.

As humans began incarnating into physical form, some became enamoured with their new physical senses, and sought to be able to indulge more.  As the new explosive technology was developed, and enabled some individuals to gain power, they also began acting more selfishly.

The People of Atlantis

The people of Atlantis in addition to possessing advanced technology, were highly spiritually evolved beings as well. Cayce described them as being capable of telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection, and were familiar with and capable of living in the fourth dimension.

There are few terms in the present that would indicate the state of consciousness; save that, through the concentration of the group mind of the children of the Law of One, they entered into a fourth-dimensional consciousness – or were absent from the body.”

However, there was also conflict. Cayce refers to a group he calls “The Sons of the Creative Force”, which mixed with the daughters of men. This led to contempt, hatred, bloodshed, and desires of self, which led to divisions amongst the Atlanteans. While Cayce’s description of The Sons of the Creative Force, and the daughters of men is vague and open to debate, it sounds as though two distinct genetic groups seemed to coexist, or one was visiting the other group in Atlantis.

Also, people existed in a range of sizes, ranging from dwarfs to giants. Cayce describes it as such in one of his readings:

These took on many sizes of stature, from that as may be called midget to the giants – for there were giants in the earth in those days, men as tall as ten or twelve feet in stature.”

The Atlanteans were one of five different groups of humans who were evolving on earth at that time, but they were the most advanced.

Sons of Belial and Sons of the Law of One

According to Cayce, Atlantis split into two competing parties who fought for political control. One group, the Children of the Law of One, wanted to return to living in harmony with nature, while the other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to continue their exploitive methods and developing more technology.

Cayce describes the Sons of Belial as the following:

the gratifying, the satisfying, the use of material things for self, without thought or consideration as to the sources of such nor the hardships in the experience of others. Or in other words, as we would term it today, the were those without a standard of morality. The Sons of Belial had no standard, save of self, self-aggrandizement.”

In contrast the Children of One were characterized by the following reading:

“that the soul was given by the Creator or entered from outside sources into the project of the mental and spiritual self at the given periods. That was the standard of the Law of One, but was rejected by the Sons of Belial”.

The conflict hit a boiling point over a third class of people who were not as enlightened as the Atlanteans, and who the Sons of Belial used for slave labour. These beings had projected into themselves from spirit into material form like the Atlanteans, but were a mixture of human and animal. They had become so entangled in the material world that they had lost all connection with spirit, and had lost freedom of choice. They were exploited as slave labour and treated as machines by the Sons of Belial, but the Children of the Law of One wanted to free and educate them. First internal war broke out in Atlantis, quickly followed by a series of devastating natural disasters that destroyed Atlantis.

Atlantis had technology at least as advanced as we have now.

The Technology of Atlantis

Cayce described the Atlanteans as having highly advanced technology that worked with quantum physics. Their advanced healing techniques used crystal and sound waves. They possessed sophisticated methods of transportation, often utilizing the ocean and seaways, but also with elevators and other on-land systems. They utilized silicon chips beyond even what we are capable of today, including creating crystal skulls, cut with a greater precision than modern tools are able to produce. Their knowledge of crystals extended to laser technology and memory chips. Their civilization was powered by massive crystals, which was also the thing that caused their civilization to collapse.

Cayce said that humans developed rapidly while living in Atlantis, developing electronics and sophisticated transportation. As they became more able to fulfill selfish desires in physical form, they became less able to access the non-material world.

Throughout the readings on Atlantis, many references to sophisticated technology are made.

In Atlantis, before destructive forces arose – associated with communications, lighter-than-air machines, radio-active forces.”

In some readings conducted in the 1930s, Cayce describes what could be lasers and atomic bombs, which did not yet exist.

“In Atlantean land at the time of withdrawing from the Law of One, establishment of Sons of Belial – was a priestess in temple built in opposition to the Sons of the Law of One – during time when there was the creating of the high influence of radial activity from rays of the sun that were turned on crystals in the pits that made connection with internal influences of the earth.”

Cayce describes an era in Atlantis that came after the first series of cataclysm events which left the island of Poseida as the remaining portion of land in Atlantis, in which a lot of their technological advancements were made.

In Atlantean land when there was the second division of when there was the destruction of the lands that made Poseida the remaining portion in which there was the greater activity of the Sons of the Law of One. These periods when there was the application of much of what is being discovered or rediscovered today, in application of power to modes of transit as well as use of nature’s means for a helpful force in giving greater crops for individual consumption- period when a great deal of thought was given to conveniences of every kind.”

 “In Atlantean land just preceding the first breaking up of the land when there was the use of many of those influences that are again being discovered that the Sons of Belial turned into destructive forces – could be benefits to communications transportation, etc.”.

Cayce then went on to describe in his readings how the Sons of Belial used technology in a way that led to natural disasters.

For it was these gases, that were used for what we call today the conveniences as for light, heat, motivative forces or radial activity, electrical combinations, thermomotive forces of steam, gas and the like – for the conveniences.”

“The use of these devices by the Sons of Belial brought, then, the first of the upheavals; or the turning of the rays from the sun – as used by the Sons of the Law of One – into the crystal for the activities of same – produced what we would call a volcanic upheave; and the separating of the land into several islands, five in number.”

Atlantis Reached It’s Peak Between 50 000 B.C. and 10 000. B.C.

Cayce’s readings indicate that by 50 000 B.C. Atlantis had obtained a level of technology more advanced that what existed in his time, including sophisticated methods of communication and transportation. Some readings refer to the use of crystals in their technology.

In Poseida the entity dwelt among those that had charge of the storage of the motivative forces from the great crystals that so condensed the lights, the forms of the activities, as to guide ethe ships in the sea and in the air and in conveniences of the body as television and recording voice.”

 That reading came from 1935, decades before the advent of modern computer technology which makes use of crystals in his processing. He provided further insight into the use of crystals, and their role in the eventual destruction of their civilization.

in Atlantean land at time of development of electrical forces that deal with transportation of craft from place to place, photographing at a distance, reading inscription through walls even at a distance, overcoming gravity itself, preparation of the crystal, the terrible mighty crystal; much of this brought destruction.”

In around 28 5000 B.C.  a second series of disasters damaged additional portions of their land, and Atlantis went from being a large continent to a series of smaller islands. The cause of the destruction apparently was related to the methods used for generating power, which sound similar if not identical to modern nuclear power.

“In the active forces of these, the entity brought destructive forces by setting up – in various portions of the land – the kind that was to act in producing powers for the various forms of the people’s activities in the cities, the towns and the countries surrounding same. These, not intentionally, were tuned too high; and brought the second period of destructive forces to the people in the land – and broke up the land into those isles which later became the scene of further destructive forces in the land.”

Some Atlanteans had knowledge of the coming destruction and fled to what is now known as Peru and Southwest United States. Many died during this period of destruction, while others continued to live on the remaining islands, which still possessed advanced technology.

The Final Destruction of Atlantis

By neglecting their spiritual nature and living out of harmony, the Sons of Belial group brought a series of three major cataclysms upon their civilization. The first occurred around 50 000 BC and destroyed their major power source. The second, occurring around 28,500 BC caused the continent of Atlantis to break into three smaller islands, known as: Poseida, Og, and Aryan. The third disaster occurred at 10,500 BC and caused the three islands to sink. Each period of destruction lasted months or years. In each case there was enough time for some inhabitants to escape to Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

The third and final round of destruction in about 10 000 B.C. was the era in which most of Cayce’s readings were focused on. Many of these readings focus on the exodus of the Atlanteans to Egypt, and also describe how others instead went west.

In Atlantis during periods of the breaking up of the land. Set sail for Egypt, but ended up in the Pyrenees in what are now Portuguese, French, and Spanish lands. In Calais may still be seen the marks in the chalk cliffs of the entity’s follower as attempts (were made) to create a temple activity for the followers of the Law of One. First to establish a library of knowledge in 10 3000 B.C. in what later became Alexandria in Egypt.”

Atlantis was destroyed in a series of explosions

Exodus to Latin America

While many of the survivors relocated to Egypt and participated in the transformation of Egyptian society, others went West, to Mexico.

in the Atlantean land during those periods when there were the activities that brought about the last destruction during the warring of the Songs of Law of One and Sons of Belial – among those sent to what later became the Yucatan land of the Mayan experiences.”

Archeological discoveries in Mexico, as well as in the Andes mountains of Colombia, dated to the same times as the final destruction of Atlantis, are changing our understanding of the timeline of human activity in this part of the world, and are consistent with Cayce’s readings. They suggested a culturally sophisticated group existed in Latin America that was the ancestors of the Maya, Inca, Aztec, and other civilizations of this part of the world. Cayce suggests that this civilization became a blend of people who left Atlantis during the second destruction, and mixed with those who later fled during the final destruction.

Exodus to Egypt

Many of the surviving Atlanteans went to ancient Egypt, whose civilization peaked around the same time as the end of Atlantis. This period of Egypt saw great ingenuity and transformation in writing, medicine, agriculture, and architecture. The process of skilled technicians moving from Atlantis to Egypt is described:

In Atlantean land when divisions arose with destruction coming upon the land, chose to go with groups going to Egypt, what would be known as a chemist, aided in making lands of the Nile more productive.”

When the Atlanteans first start relocating to Egypt in mass, there were a lot of problems. The native Egyptians had just been conquered by a tribe from the Carpathian region. With the introduction of the Atlanteans there were three distinct groups, who were all very different. While the Atlanteans were much more advanced scientifically, and began recreating their old way of life again, the native Egyptians rebelled against the Carpathian occupiers. The leader of the Carpathians was a priest named Ra-Ta, who was actually Edgar Cayce in a past life. During this conflict he was banished from Egypt for a while, before it was decided to bring him back so that he could unite the three groups. He returned and was successful in doing so, leading to the creation of the magnificent culture of ancient Egypt.

The Atlantians continued to preserve their knowledge in Egypt.

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