Atlantis: Origins of the Lost Civilization

The origin stories of the ancient civilization Atlantis is a most intriguing topic. There are many questions and many possibilities about the origins of Atlantis, some that may interlink with our standard worldview and others that may seem alien.

Atlantis originated when Poseidon the Greek god had children with a human woman on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. These beings were half human and half god and created the advanced civilization. Contemporary ideas have suggested Atlantis has extraterrestrial origins. 

For years humans have looked for evidence and information surrounding Atlantis. And let’s be honest that for most of us, at the very mention of Atlantis, part of our mind is activated with fascination. Within this article,  we will uncover more about the origins of this lost civilization.

The most popular source of information on Atlantis is the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato

Greek Mythology and the Origin of Atlantis

The most commonly referenced record of Atlantis is the mention of this city by the Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogue Timaeus and Critias. According to Plato, the founding beings of Atlantis were half god and half human. Greek legend attributes the creation of Atlantis to the Poseidon, the god of the sea. You can read more about what Plato said about Atlantis here.

When the gods divided rule over the earth Poseidon was given a large island in the Atlantic sea. On this island, he fell in love with a human woman (Cleito) and their offspring were said to be the original ruling class of Atlantis. According to Greek mythology Poseidon and Cleito had 5 pairs of twins, he divided the island into 10 areas for each of his offspring. His first child, Atlas, was made king of Atlantis and given the Atlantic oceans and the central best section of Atlantis. These half-god half-human children and their offspring are said to be the start of the Atlantean people and the building of the powerful utopian civilization. They may also be the ancestors of other ancient civilizations that arose after the fall of Atlantis.

The Origins of Atlantis and Extraterrestrials

Some theories about Atlantis differ from the more popular story of Atlantis that Plato wrote. There are theories of extraterrestrial involvement on the island and some suggest that the Atlantean race was a hybrid race that was part human – part alien. Extraterrestrial involvement may explain the advanced technology and knowledge that this ancient civilization was said to possess. Some theorists also think that this may be how Atlantis shares similarities to other great ancient civilizations. It may have been that these civilizations were also visited or inhabited by extraterrestrials or star beings that may have been part of the origin of Atlantis and that may even be part of our DNA.

There are many theories that the Atlanteans came from another world.

Matias de Stefano is a researcher who speaks in-depth about the topic of the origins of Atlantis. He shares that the origin of Atlantis is tied to a genetic experiment of combining the DNA of humans on earth at the time and beings of the stars. According to Stefano, The first beings that interbred with humans are what we more commonly know as the Annunaki or what he also calls the Assir. The Annunaki decided to combine their genetics with humans in order to ensure the survival of their knowledge on the planet earth. They knew that in their original form they would only be able to survive on the earth for a limited time and their home planet was said to be dying at the time. These first children of the humans and Annunaki were treated well by some Annunaki and were treated as slaves by others. You can read more about the Annunaki here.

According to Stefano to ensure the survival of the children and the information they held within their blood, a large and powerful Annunaki being called Thalan who is also known as Poseidon decided to take control. Thalan along with the support of another benevolent extraterrestrial race called Arcturians took these children across the seas to keep them safe on a remote island in the Atlantic sea. He took 12 children who were trained to be godlike and remember the knowledge from the stars and formed the families of Atlantis. These children of the humans and Annunaki were the original people of the lost civilizations of Atlantis. Stefano shares this view which is a combination of his past life memories from living on Atlantis and present-day research.

Atlantis and the Lyran Star System

Another popular theory of the origins of Atlantis, is that the Atlanteans were ETs from the Lyran star system. They came to Earth around 50 000 years ago, are taller than humans and live much longer. According to this understanding, the Lyrans are a type of star seed being, along with the Orion, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Draconian, Sirian star seeds.

Some say that the Atlanteans were star seeds from the Lyran star system.

The Early Days of Atlantis

Like any new civilization, the early days of Atlantis would likely have been about survival.  Whether the beings who first inhabited the island were half-human half-god or half-human half-extraterrestrial they still had to navigate the basic human needs on planet earth. The early days of Atlantis may very well have been centered around agriculture, building, and learning. According to the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, the Atlanteans very survival was threatened by massive animals, whom they were at war with. Over time as technology was developed, they were able to defeat these invaders. You can read more about Cayce’s descriptions of Atlantis here.

The Atlanteans have been described as being much more ethereal than modern humans.

As the young Atlanteans learned to embody their god-like nature remembering the intergalactic information that was in their DNA they expressed this deeply spiritual inner knowledge in the physical layout and structure of Atlantis. The early Atlantean culture was deeply linked to water and the ability that water has to store information. This is why in the layout, of this ancient island city water was crucial. The layout of Atlantis was said to be a central circular island with a high point that was likely the capital of the island, this was surrounded by water and more concentric islands separated by water and linked to the ocean via a canal.  Atlantis was said to be on fertile land that contained abundant minerals. In alternative views of history, the Atlanteans and their descendants were also credited with building many temples and pyramid structures around the world which is thought to be an important part of their technology at the time. You can read more about how Atlantis looked here.

In conclusion, when we seek a clear answer to our question about the origin of Atlantis, there is no definite answer but so many interesting interlinking and opposing theories any of which could offer glimpses of the truth, about the mysterious and powerful island that may be a big and mostly unacknowledged part of our human history and potential.

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