Nibiru: 16 Interesting Facts about the Cataclysmic Planet X

For many who first begin exploring alternative or hidden history, the mysterious story of Nibiru is often one of the first things they want to hear more about. In this article we are going to look at some of the more intriguing parts of what is known about Nibiru.

Nibiru is a planet that moves into our solar system every 3600 years on an elliptical orbit. It is considered pseudoscience, and was popularized by Zacharia Sitchin, who translated ancient Sumerian texts to describe beings from Nibiru coming to Earth to mine gold, and creating humans. 


The mysterious planet is known as Planet X, Nibiru, and Marduk

Planet X comes from the 1990s when a woman received messages from extraterrestrials that warned of the imminent danger as this large planet returned to our system. The name Nibiru comes from the work of Zacharia Sitchin, who researched and wrote about his interpretations of ancient texts. He used the name Nibiru, which was the Sumerian name for the planet. The planet was known to the Babylonians as Marduk, who was the god of Babylon.

Nibiru or Planet X is on an extreme elliptical orbit

This means that it moves in an oval shape rather than a circle. All planets move around the sun elliptically, but Nibiru’s path is much more elliptical, moving from the far outer region of our solar system, and then every 3600 years passing close to planet Earth.

Nibiru or Planet X is seen as doomsday event

Most theories about Nibiru describe it moving close to Earth as a doomsday event for our world. This is because Nibiru is four times larger than our planet, and that when Planet X reaches its closest location to Earth, our planet will stop rotating for 5.9 days. A pole shift will occur as the core of our planet will be gravitationally attracted to the passing planet, which will cause a displacement of the earth’s crust.

Knowledge of Planet was sent to a human contactee from extraterrestrials

The idea of Planet X was popularized in 1995 by a woman named Nancy Lieder. She is a contactee who receives messaged from extraterrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system, informing her of the existence of Planet X. She describes her unique experience of first receiving messages as a young girl living in Wisconsin. A group of grays called Zetans implanted a communication device in her brain and told her she was told that she was chosen to warn humanity that Planet X was coming, and was going to cause a pole shift that would destroy most of our world.

The name Nibiru comes from the writer Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin was a researcher who translated ancient Sumerian texts, and developed a theory of the origins of humanity. Contrary to conventional thinking, he describes beings called the Annunaki coming to our planet and creating humanity. Especially in his book the 12th Planet, he describes how his new interpretations of Mesopotamian religious texts point to the existing of a large planet which enters our system every 3600 years.

Nibiru spins retrograde compared to the other planets

The planets in our solar system are all in more or less a flat plane, spinning in the same direction.

Nibiru caused the asteroid belt and planet Earth

There used to be another planet in our solar system called Tiamat, which existed between Earlier in the existence of our solar system Nibiru passed through, colliding with another smaller planet called Tiamat, causing it to shatter into small pieces of debris. Prior to the collision, Tiamat was located between Mars and Jupiter. At first a moon that orbited Nibiru collided with Tiamat, splitting it into two. Then later on another rotation Nibiru itself collided with one of the halves of the planet, further shattering it into a million pieces and forming what we now know as the asteroid belt. In Sumerian records they called the asteroid belt the “Hammered Bracelet”.

The other half of Tiamat was struck again by one of Nibiru’s moons, pushing it into a new orbit around the sun between Venus and Mars, and it became planet Earth.

Also effected during this collision was a small body orbiting around Saturn. The presence of Nibiru disturbed its orbit, sending it out to the edge of our solar system. We now refer to this as Pluto.

Nibiru is inhabited by the Anunnaki

According to Sitchin, this planet is inhabited by a race of beings known as the Anunnaki, The Anunnaki astronauts started coming to our planet 450,000 years ago to mine gold in Africa, which was an essential resource for their survival. Specifically they were using something called “mono-atomic” gold, which would increase the capacity of their nervous system, allowing them to interdimensionally travel and shapeshift between human and reptilian form.

The Anunnaki were described in ancient Sumerian texts

In Sumerian mythology, the Annunaki were the first of the human gods. Writing on clay tablets the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians described the Annunaki as being powerful deities, as well as being technologically advanced. The Sumerian possessed sophisticated language and technology, including the use of petroleum products. Some point out that the rapid development of their culture suggests an outside influence. According to the interpretations of Sitchin, the Sumerian tablets describe the Annunaki as possessing flying machines.

The Anunnaki created humans to work as miners

The Anunnaki who came to Earth to mine became dissatisfied with their working conditions and mutinied. To fix the situation, a god name Enki, who was a leader of the Anunnaki, decided that they would create slave workers to do the mining for them. They began crossing their own DNA with wildlife local to the planet, and created humans 200,000 years ago. The ancient civilization of Sumer was created to interface between the Anunnaki and the new human race they had created, and they created the doctrine of the “divine right of kings”.

Some believe the Anunnaki still live amongst us.

Popularized by researcher David Icke and others, some believe that the Anunnaki are still present on earth, and covertly controlling our world. They are capable of shifting between human and reptilian form, as well as moving between our reality and the 4th dimension, another reality beyond our basic senses. According to David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret, a generation of hybrid crosses between Anunnaki and humans were created 7000 years ago who were much more Anunnaki than human. It is this group who rule the world and are sometimes referred to by conspiracy theorists as “The Illuminati”.

Nibiru last passed by earth in 556 BC

According to Sitchins’s 12th Planet, the last time Nibiru passed Earth was 556 BC. Because of its unusual orbit, the next expected date according to Sitchin is 2900.

Some Claim Evidence of Nibiru exists in the Bible

Several popular Christian religious leaders have come forward over the years expressing belief in the planet. Also, researchers have come up with theories about numerological codes in the Bible that refer to Nibiru. The Anunnaki were known as the Nephilim in Genesis.

Nibiru is rejected as pseudoscience

Nibiru is rejected by astronomers and planetary scientists as a hoax or as pseudoscience. Many believe that not only are scientists wrong about the existence of Nibiru, but that in fact there is a deliberate coverup of its existence.

In 2014 Planet Nine was discovered, renewing interest in the idea of Nibiru

Astronomers believe that there could be many planets beyond Neptune, and that Planet Nine is a possible candidate for being Nibiru.

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