Atlantis: The Language of the Atlanteans

It is fascinating and informative to contemplate how our Atlantean ancestors developed linguistically alongside their physical and cultural evolution. As we learn more we may find ourselves wondering what language did the Atlanteans speak?

The Atlantean language was vibrational, an energetic language that evolved from a deep spiritual knowing. The language included telepathy, and powerful sound vocalizations later depicted as pictographs and symbols which became a written language.

The language was much different from the type of language that we focus on today. Contemplating the Atlantean language may lead to us looking at language in general in a deeper way. We will look to the thinkers and channels to recall their research and memories about the language of Atlantis. Most consider the language as a highly spiritually based language that aimed to help the Atlanteans live and create with clarity and ease. The language changed as the Atlanteans changed and the earth changed. We may experience some of the language through channelings, Atlantean light language, as well as by looking at the languages of the more recent ancient civilizations that preceded Atlantis.

The Origins and Evolution of the Atlantean Language

Edgar Cayce on the Atlantean Language

The Atlanteans were not like the people of today, they were much closer to being spiritual in form and gradually became more physically dense as they evolved. The early Atlanteans were fully connected to source consciousness and so they possessed a deeply spiritual perspective as well as abilities that played a huge role in the formation of their language and the great civilization of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans existed in a very different consciousness, and could communicate telepathically.

The Atlantean’s deep connection to source energy and their knowledge of the truth of oneness allowed them to communicate via telepathy. The form of telepathy was initially not formed of specific mental words but rather specific energetic vibrations. As the Atlanteans evolved to become more physically focused they developed spoken and written Atlantean language which was made up of pictographs. From the pictographs (pictures as a symbol for a word or a phrase) they developed logographs ( characters representing words or phrases ) and symbols ( characters that represent something else) that were associated with specific sounds and words. This language is said to have been used worldwide towards the end times of Atlantis and was spoken in various dialects.

Rudolf Steiner on the Atlantean Language

To more fully grasp this perspective on the development of the Atlantean language we can start with a small mention of the beings who preceded the first Atlanteans. Those who were called the Lemurian beings. They were highly spiritual beings that utilized telepathy, they were more ethereal than physical in form. The early Atlanteans were similar to these beings in some ways, they were more physical than the Lemurians but they were still quite etheric. Atlanteans developed the faculty of memory. Language was a key part of this development of memory in order to preserve and communicate with words or sounds their past experiences and knowings. Language was a way to externalize the internal world and to describe the outer world.

Steiner described the Atanteans as being more ethereal than modern humans.

Atlanteans, especially early Atlanteans had a deep connection with nature and so their language encompassed this innate power. Words were naming but also curative and directive. The magic power of words was a natural and tangible function for the Atlanteans. The language was “ curative, they could advance the growth of plants, tame the rage of animals and perform other similar functions”. The Atlantean language was considered as powerful and sacred; they treated language as a natural gift and power that they knew to use responsibly.

As the Atlanteans evolved they became more ambitious and more interested in personal recognition this eventually led to many Atlanteans misusing their natural powers for selfish gain which caused imbalances. This is what led to the development of the faculty of thought in late Atlantean subraces. Thought was intended to be a method of inner reflection. To think before speaking things into reality, and to keep selfish actions in check. The natural consequences of the development of thought caused the Atlanteans to lose some of their natural powers. This may well be how our ancestors began losing some of the original connections and understanding of the power of sound and words that originated from the Atlantean language.

Matias De Stefano on the Atlantean Language

The early Atlanteans had a clear memory and experience of the nature of the universe, the deep interconnection of everything. The knowing that God, the Divine was expressed in all of nature including ourselves. A deep knowledge of vibration, energy, and matter. Their innate knowledge is reflected in sacred geometry. The language of Atlanteans is considered as a vibratory language, “we as humans found out that words were not only something to communicate but also to transcend and transmit information, thoughts, dreams, concepts that cannot be seen, and emotions that cannot be expressed.”

The active intergalactic knowledge within the hybrid beings of Atlantis led to the development of a language that involved root sound vibrations that are reflected within the sacred geometry of the flower of life and the universe. The language was a vibratory tool to ‘ say the names of god’. The Atlantean language allowed them to remember and create through the instruction of sound.

The way to reflect on their knowledge was through the sound vibration or words. The language that developed was beyond just the function of communicating but used to intentionally create. The Atlantean language arose naturally from the rhythm of life and information represented within the patterns of the sacred geometry of the flower of life. The Atlantean language arose from the vibrations of inhalation, contemplation, and expression which allowed them to breathe creation to life through sound vibrations. The act of breathing was very important to the Atlantean’s way of understanding and embodying God and they utilized language to express this. Each of the aspects of the breathing process and the division or growth of the first 3 spheres within the flower of life was ascribed to a sound vibration :

  • Ham which was related to inspiration and ideas
  • Het which was about seeing everything within our ability
  • Hum which is the realization that it is possible to do it.

This sound or breath of Ham, Het, and Hum together can be likened to the primordial Aum vibration that we see in many forms throughout many cultures till today. The next stage of geometric growth within the flower of life is known as the seed of life and it includes 9 aspects that informed the next 9 sound vibrations within the Atlantean language. These 9 vibrations are related to each of the 9 dimensions and are referred to by Matias as the Wanim. The language that developed contained energetic information and activation in the form of sound that was used to create an experience of oneness.

By the latter years of Atlantis and during the start of the civilizations that succeeded Atlantis such as the Egyptians, a highly powerful language was passed down. This language was thought to the young

to be used with great respect and importance. The Atlanteans were well aware of the power of sound vibration and language was used for its full power. Powerful sound vibrations were used to instruct and create reality. The Atlantean language was a result of the mixing of natural earth DNA from humans and the DNA of star beings ( to read more about the Atlantean’s hybrid beings check out the article Atlantis: Were the Atlanteans humans?). The combination of inherent knowledge within the blood of Atlanteans led to the expression and development of the vibrational language that could put into words, sound, and spiritual embodiment the knowing that god is within every being.

What is Atlantean Light Language?

In our present time, we may have come across the term Atlantis light language. Now that we have more ideas and understanding of the way that language was used in Atlantis; which is very different from the common ways of how we utilize language today. The experience of Atlantean light language may activate some remembrance or experiences of language as a powerful energy instead of just communication and naming of the physical.

Light language can be understood as the channeled sound frequencies received by entering a nonlinear or meditative state. Channels or anyone willing to be a channel can tap into the collective consciousness that transcends time and space. We can tune into specific timelines or frequencies of Atlantean consciousness.

Listening to, or channeling light language can have emotional and somatic effects on you or even an energetic or knowledge activation. Light language can align you energetically to the frequencies within the sound vibrations that make up the light language.

The Atlantean Pictorial Alphabet

The Atlantean language eventually included an alphabet of pictures and symbols that can be likened to what we know as hieroglyphics. When we consider the theories on Atlantis that share how Atlanteans may have migrated or colonized other areas of the world that became some of the ancient civilizations that we know more about such as the Egyptians and Mayans.

The Hieroglyphs of Atlantis probably resembled those of later Egypt.

These civilizations are said to have inherited knowledge from Atlantis which is reflected in the megalithic structures and mythologies. When we look at the language of these civilizations both  Egyptian and Mayan peoples used hieroglyphics as part of representing their language. Some researchers believe that there are similarities between the Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs as well as the phonetic alphabet which could stem back to the language originating from Atlantis. Egyptians credited their hieroglyphic written record of language to the gods. These gods could very well be their Atlantean ancestors who were considered to be godlike beings in many ways. To learn more about the details of this theory which actually traces back the development of the alphabet through time to originating from Atlantis, look to the work of Ignatius Donnelly in Chapter 7: The Origin of our Alphabet in his book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.

The Atlanteans Communicated Memory and Knowledge

Although the Atlanteans were part of our ancestry they were much different than us in many ways; the physical earth at the time was different, and their bodies were different, their way of perceiving reality and abilities were different from our understanding as modern humans. We can then deduce that their way of communicating was different than what we consider as language. The Atlanteans have a deeper knowledge of the power of words to create. The root sounds or vibrations were vocalized with a deep knowledge of the power of vibration. The language of Atlanteans was, especially in its early stages, more energetic than that of our mainstream modern-day focus on words. It was a language that held memory and knowledge in a way that the information could be preserved and passed down.

We define language as a set system of communication. The Atlanteans had a way of communicating fundamental knowledge. The power of this knowledge was reflected in the very expression of the language itself, being energetic and vibratory. The language was not merely for communication it was used to tangibly instruct reality and many recall that in its prime the Atlantean civilization was deeply interconnected and thriving.

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