Atlantis: Were the Atlanteans Human?

The civilization of Atlantis has been described as being so spiritually and technologically advanced that it is natural to wonder if they were humans or something greater. While they were certainly fallible beings, Several theories suggest that their DNA originated from beyond just planet earth. In this article, We shall discuss in more detail some of the main theories that answer the question: Were the Atlanteans Human?

The Atlanteans were not purely Human, they were one of the first hybrid races combining Human and otherworldly DNA. Atlanteans were created when gods or extraterrestrials came to earth and mated with humans. The Atlanteans migrated to Egypt, and Atlantean DNA continues to exist in modern humans.

By rethinking the mainstream theory of what we consider Human and considering the Ancient Greek mythological views, intergalactic involvements as well as touching on the theosophical view theories that the  Atlanteans were the 4th root race in the story of Human evolution, we can understand the relationship between Atlantis and humanity.

Many have theorized that the Atlanteans possessed hybrid human/alien DNA.

Rethinking what we Consider Human

When we consider the definition of the word “ Human” it is widely considered that Humans ( Homo Sapien ) descended from primates, from a common ancestor called Homo Erectus. It was mostly accepted that modern Humans originated in Africa and migrated around the world. the other mainstream theory is that Humans evolved in various places around the world over an extended period and then as populations mixed, became the modern Human species that we know of today.

Then we can look at the plentiful yet mysterious archaeological and cultural evidence that indicates that there is so much more to the story of Human evolution. It is more complex than a primate developing intelligence over time. The story of the Atlanteans can completely change how we view ourselves as Humans evolving solely from planet earth as primates. The genes of Atlanteans and the Humans we are today are a lot more complex and we have a lot more knowledge within us than just the knowledge of planet earth.

Some Say the Atlanteans were Half Human and Half God

The theory that Atlanteans were half Human and half God is primarily rooted in Greek mythology and the writing that Plato shared about Atlantis. He theorized that The very first Atlanteans were the children of the God Poseidon and a Human woman named Cleito. You can read more about Poseidon and Atlantis here.

When we consider the Atlanteans as being half Human and half God, it makes sense as to how these beings excelled in the ways that Plato described and why as Humans today we can feel both a deep connection to this planet but also something divine and esoteric that is much larger within our consciousness and everything we create. You can read what Plato said about Atlantis here.

The Atlanteans as Half Human and Half Star being

Another more contemporary theory is that Atlanteans were half Human and half extraterrestrial,  which stems from interpretations of various creation mythologies. It is also supported by information gained through the channeling of clairvoyants who have access to knowledge and communication in nonlinear time and space ( what is known as accessing the akashic record) as well as past life recollection.

The Atlanteans were half Human beings, some say these chosen Humans originated from the middle east and the extraterrestrials that came to earth at the time were the giant Annunaki beings. The Humans and Annunaki combined to form the Atlanteans but the story does have a bit more complexity which we will discuss in the next section. You can read more about the possible extraterrestrial origins of Atlantis here.

The descendants of the Anunnaki were portrayed in artwork by the ancient civilizations.

Why were the Atlanteans Created?

There are a few theories on why this hybrid race was created. The Atlanteans may have been an intergalactic experiment to see if this sort of genetic mix was viable, this mixing of DNA may have been initiated to expand or preserve the genetics and the knowledge of the Annunaki star beings on earth. Some say that at the time their original home planet was dying and the best way for their bloodline to survive on earth was by combining genetics with Humans who were already well adapted and adaptable to earth.

This alternative history also has a dark side as the Annunaki on earth were divided between loving Humans and loving their half-Human children and controlling, treating humans and offspring as slave labor to procure the minerals that they needed for their survival even though the survival of pure blood Annunaki was limited on planet earth. The Atlanteans originated as they were a protected group of Human-Annunaki offspring that were intentionally guided to embody the knowledge within their blood that was both Human and star being. This is why and how the Atlanteans and the city of Atlantis became such a spiritually and materially advanced civilization in its prime.

Atlanteans: The 4th Root Race

This theory slightly differs but can still interlink in some ways with the theories that the Atlanteans were half Human and half god or extraterrestrial.

In Theosophy, the Atlanteans are considered to be a root race. Theosophy offers an esoteric theory of evolution that involve the Atlanteans as part of this process and the root race that preceded us. They were much different from the Human form that we take today but they were part of our evolution. Theosophy identifies us, present Humans, as part of the 5th root race or Aryan race and the Atlanteans were the  4th root race within the stages of Human evolution. The Atlanteans are not considered to be a single race themselves but rather a root race because from the Atlanteans several races developed. According to this theory, our predecessors were increasingly spiritual and etheric and as we moved forward in time we became more physically dense and closer to what we are as Humans today. You can read more about the Theosophical perspective on Atlantis here.

Helena Blavatsky described the Atlantean’s as the root race from which other races on earth were created.

Are the Atlanteans Our Ancestors?

It is a possibility that the DNA of the Atlanteans exist within many of us present-day, Humans. As it is revealed more clearly and we realize that Atlantis was a civilization that was part of our history and that the hybrid beings that created this civilization may very well be some of our ancient ancestors. Present-day and past research, the mythologies, and the creation of  various cultures around the world and throughout time can help us to piece together the various possibilities and stories of the ancient Atlanteans and show us just how likely it is that many of us today have Atlantean bloodlines.

Some researchers believe that the Atlanteans colonized certain areas on earth that became some of the civilizations that we know of such as ancient Egypt, parts of Central America and Mexico, Peru, Iberia, parts of Africa, and Ireland. Other theorists believe that Atlanteans may have moved to these areas before the island was destroyed or because they survived the destruction. As these are ancient civilizations that may have been colonies or places of refuge for the Atlanteans, knowing the origin of these civilizations may give us more information on the origin of Atlantis. You can read more about the migration of Atlanteans to Egypt and Central America here. 

Atlantis was described as having extremely advanced technology, agriculture, and spirituality. This could be an explanation for why the great civilization of ancient Egypt was also advanced in these areas. Another example is an element of Aztec mythology that may be linked to the Atlanteans. The Aztec homeland which is called Aztalan was said to be located on a great lake with floating gardens, the people were immortal and resources were abundant. The Aztec capital (Tenochtitlan) was said to be made in the image of Aztalan and when we look at the layout of Tenochtitlan we can see that it bears resemblances to many descriptions of how Atlantis was structured.

We have a lot more research available on these more recent ancient civilizations and this is why we look to the possible connections to find out more about the Atlanteans. The development of these civilizations may very well be due to the knowledge and culture of Atlanteans as many of them, especially ancient Egypt and the Aztecs shared similarities in structures, knowledge, spirituality, technology, and more.

The Atlanteans can be described in their prime as beings who could easily utilize life force energy, they were more intuitive, telepathic, and spiritually advanced. They had great memories and passed down skills and information easily down generations. Generally, as modern Humans we seem to be less intuitive and much more logical, we are more rooted in thinking than remembering, and for most, it takes a solid amount of reconditioning and discipline to enter states where we feel tapped in and able to properly utilize the fully accessible flow of life force energy.

The Atlanteans were much different from what we are as humans today in how they functioned and they varied even more greatly in race, size, and expertise. They were much more activated in their innate intergalactic knowledge.  But as we exist today on planet earth we may share lineage with the Atlanteans. Much of the intergalactic knowledge that is still present within us is said to be dormant. You can read more about what Atlantis was like here. 

This may have been done intentionally by groups of the Annunaki at some time in history. As we can explore this topic in the present it is evident that conversations and awakenings surrounding the Atlantis continually increase. So much forgotten knowledge and many abilities are being activated as we learn more of the truth.

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