The Rising Sign: Your True Astrological Identity

The rising sign, also known as the ascendent sign, is one of the most important parts of a complete astrology chart. Some people even identify more with their rising sign than their sun sign, and in this article, we are going to look at why that might be the case.

People often identify more with their rising sign because they are socially oriented, and identify themselves based on their relationships. Or perhaps their identity was formed early on in the roles they occupied within their family dynamics. Many find the rising sign to be more accurate and relevant to their daily lives.

The rising sign is powerful in part because its influence is felt at all times. It is based on what time of day you were born, making it very specific and accurate to your personal moment of birth. Some astrologers even recommend reading the horoscope of your rising sign for your astrological guidance.

Many people identify more with their rising sign than their sun sign

The Big Three in Astrology

Most people are only aware of their main astrology sign, but as you probably already know, we have three astrology signs, which determine different aspects of our lives.


Your sign sun is determined by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth. When people talk about their astrology sign, they are talking about their sun sign.  It has been described as the essence of who we are, as well as our ego and our motivations. It is about the spiritual lessons we were born to learn in this lifetime. The Sun represents our will, our power of choice. It is how we think, and what we pursue in life.


The moon sign is the part of us that is our inner emotional world. It is determined by the position of the moon at the moment of birth, and changes every two and a half days. The moon sign is the soul of your identity, and the subconscious part of you that no one else sees.


The rising sign is determined by what is on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, and it is all about how the world perceives you. It changes every two hours, so it is essential to know your exact time of birth to know your Rising sign.  It determines the first impression you make on others, as well as your physical appearance, and other aspects of how you relate to the world around you. While the sun sign is the direction of our life, the rising sun is how we go about doing what we do.

Your Sun and Moon signs are determined by locations at the moment of your birth

Understanding your natal chart

A natal chart is a complete look at all the astrological influences unique to you and your life. You need to know your birthday, as well as the exact time and location in which you were born. If you have not yet had your natal chart done, I highly recommend it. Along with sun, moon, and rising signs, the natal chart looks at the Houses, and the location of each of the planets within them. Each house represents a different area in your life, and by combining that knowledge with the significance of the planets, you can map out a complete astrological picture of who are you.

Some identify more with their rising sign because it is more accurate

Many astrologers say that the rising sign is more relevant to the daily details of your life experiences, and that you can get more insight into your life by reading the horoscope for your rising sign than for your sun sign. Because the moon travels 12 degrees each day, people born that day could have one of two different moon signs. But the ascendent travels through each of the twelve astrology signs every single day, making it far more specific to the moment you were born.

Some people base their identify more on their relationships

A big reason why some people might identify more with their rising sign than their sun sign is because they are very social, and think of themselves in relation to their family, friends, coworkers, or community. For example, a parent with several young children may become so consumed by caring for their kids that they almost forget about themselves entirely. Their identity is totally in relation to others, which is where the traits of your rising sign come into play.

Another example could be the CEO of a startup company, who has many employees and investors, and works 16 hours a day. If this person has a moon sign of Gemini, they are adaptable and outgoing, yet indecisive and impulsive. But as the CEO spends all his time working on the business, in meetings etc, his rising sign going to be constantly at work. If he has a Taurus for a rising sign, he will come across as practical, constant, reliable. In the moments before falling asleep at the end of the day, he probably thinks of himself as practical, constant, reliable, having almost forgotten about his outgoing and impulsive nature as a Gemini.

The rising sign is constantly active

Another reason why people believe the rising sign is such an important part of who we are is because its influence is constantly a part of every moment of our life. This is in contrast to other astrological influences, which appear only at times in our life. The influence of Mercury is felt when we are thinking, speaking, or writing. We feel the influence of Venus when we are enjoying ourselves. And Mars is present when we find ourselves in conflict, such as arguments or playing sports. But the influence of our ascendent is ever present.

The rising sign is the identity we get from our early childhood family experiences

Our Rising sign, that part of ourselves that is how the world perceives us, gets formed very early in life, at home. It includes our parent’s expectations of the child they hope you are or will be. It is a result of the roles we adopt in order to survive and thrive within the dynamics of our social environment, which usually consists of our parents and siblings. Often, families are dysfunctional, and a child gets trapped in a role that they than start to identify with. For example, a child may be the failure of the family, the child who is unable to succeed in school, sports, piano classes, etc, as well as their siblings. They may carry those feelings of inadequacy and judgement for the rest of their lives as a part of their rising sign identify.

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