Where is the Holy Grail? Top 9 Theories Explained

The Holy Grail is one of the most intriguing and mystery artifacts in history. If it did in fact exist, it makes you wonder, where is the Holy Grail located today?

The many theories as to the location of the Holy Grail include several cathedrals in Spain, as well as possibly in the private collection of the Vatican, or in a secret society, such as the Knights Templars, or descendants of the Nazis.

While these various theories often contradict each other, there are similar threads running throughout many of them, which we can use to hone in on where we think the Holy Grail is. Below is a list of the top nine theories as to where the Holy Grail might be located:

There are many popular theories as to the location of the Grail

1) The Holy Grail is in the Basilica of San Isidoro in the Northern Spanish City of León

According to this theory, the Grail was moved from Cairo, Egypt to Leon, Spain, in about 1100 AD. It was given to King Ferdinand of Spain as a gift by a leader of the Andalusians, a tribe who lived in Spain during the Roman and Medieval times. The King then passed it on to his daughter, Urraca. According to this theory the grail has been in Spain ever since, currently residing in the Basilica of San Isidoro, where it is available for public viewing.

2) The Holy Grail was Taken to Glastonbury, England by Joseph of Arimathea      

This theory suggest that Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’s cousin, and after the crucifixion he took the grail with him to England. He is rumoured to have buried the grail at the Glastonbury Abbey, which has led to further legends. Some say that after it was buried, a spring began to flow. It is called the Chalice Well, and drinking from it grants the drinker eternal youth.

3) The Holy Grail is in a Secret Room in the Vatican

Whenever vast ancient treasure has gone missing, the Vatican is on the list of suspects. Vatican City is an independent city-state, within Rome, Italy. It is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and the home of the Pope. It officially became independent from Italy in 1929, though it has existed since the first century AD. The Vatican has tens of thousands of pieces of art, with around 20 000 on display. The collection includes masterpieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as early Christian, Medieval, and Renaissance art. It is the largest and most important art collection in the world, and is the result of 2000 years of collecting by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican has tens of thousands of pieces of art, the majority stored in private

4) The Holy Grail is in Valencia, Spain, after being Stolen from the Vatican

In an interesting twist on the Vatican theory, this one suggests that the grail was snuck out of the Vatican by a Vatican soldier, and brought to Valencia in the 1500s. Since 1916, this exquisite chalice, covered in gold and precious jewels, has been on display behind protective glass in this Gothic cathedral, in what is called the “Chapel of the Holy Grail”. The Vatican has recognized Valencia as the “City of the Holy Grail”, and two Popes, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, have both held masses in Valencia with the chalice. Skeptics could say that this is a great cover for the truth, which is the Vatican still has the real Grail in Vatican City, but for now we can only speculate.

5) The Holy Grail was Discovered in Montserrat, Spain by the Nazis

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Nazis were looking for the Holy Grail, as well as other ancient magical artifacts such as the Spear of Destiny, and the Ark of the Covenant. This theory believes that by studying clues from the Arthurian legends, the Nazis were able to locate it in Montserrat. They planned to bring the Holy Grail to Germany, where by possessing it they would have supernatural powers.

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6) The Holy Grail is in the Possession of the Descendants of the Nazis

This theory suggests that while Germany officially lost the war, they actually achieved many of their goals, and continue to operate as an organization to this day. It is now well known that most of the top scientists moved to the United States after WWII to work at NASA and similar organizations, while many of the engineers and espionage networks jumped sides to the Soviet Union. Perhaps losing the war was the perfect cover for the most elite of the movement, who escaped to Latin America, bringing with them their most closely guarded secrets, including possession of the Holy Grail.

7) The Grail is actually a Metaphor for the Womb of Magdalene

In this theory, the Holy Grail is no the cup, it is actually the womb of Magdalene, and her and Jesus had children together. Their bloodline is called the Merovingian Bloodline, and still exists to this day. There are different theories, but some believe Jesus survived the crucifixion, perhaps even travelling to India after. Magdalene and the children moved to France, and one of their descendants had children with one of the earliest Kings of France, from another important bloodline. A secret society named the Priory of Sion was founded in the 1100s in support of this lineage, who were instrumental in the Crusades, as they wanted to control Jerusalem. The secret organization is said to have had many famous members such as Leonardo De Vinci, and Isaac Newton. The organization created the Knights Templars as their military wing.

8) The Holy Grail is in the Knights Templars Secret Collection

The Knights Templars were formed officially to protect Christian pilgrims in the holy land during the Crusades, although theories abound that their true reason for existence was to further the secrete occult agenda of their founders. They were an elite group of knights who followed a strict code. Over time they grew in power and influence, become highly involved in financial matters of the time. Officially they ceased to exist in the 1300s, but this is probably a cover story so that they could go underground. Some believe that during the Crusades they raided the Temple of Jerusalem, where they took the Holy Grail into their possession. If this is the case, perhaps it is in secret underground collection in a mansion in the French Riviera.

The Knights Templars amassed great wealth and power during the Crusades

9) The Holy Grail is being Guarded by the Fisher King

Historical evidence of the Holy Grail comes from the King Arthur legends, which were written in the Medieval ages. It is difficult to imagine what the authors were thinking, but most likely they considered their writing to be “based on historical events”. If one is to believe their word that the Holy Grail is in a fact a real historical object, then it is worth listening to what they say about the location of the Holy Grail.

In the Arthurian legends, the Holy Grail ends up in the possession of the Fisher King. The Fisher King is the last in the bloodline in charge of guarding and protecting the Holy Grail. He is wounded and unable to stand, spending his time fishing in a small boat near his castle. He waits for the chosen one to come and heal him by asking him the right question. Many nobles visit him and try to do so, but are not successful.

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