Recommended Reading About Hidden History

The Egypt Code was written by Robert Bauval and originally published in 2006, and describes all the intricate and fascinating ways in which the pyramids of Egypt correspond with the stars of the sky. Bauval is an Egyptologist and engineer, and points out mind-blowing details about the construction of the pyramids.

This was one of the first books I read on these subjects and it helped instill a fascination for ancient mysteries that will probably last my entire life. Graham Hancock’s work explores the Great Sphinx, ruins and temples in Mexico, and much more to suggest there had been an advanced civilization in remote antiquity.

Zecharia Sitchin was a scholar who sold millions of copies of his books, which he wrote starting in the 1970’s and popularized the idea of extraterrestrials being involved in human origins. His translations of the ancient Sumerian tablets brought the idea of the Anunnaki and the planet of Niburu to the public awareness.