Kundalini Energy and It’s Role in Third Eye Awakening

Third eye and kundalini awakening are some of the more revered and exotic concepts that comes from eastern philosophy.  This article is going to explain what third eye awakening is, and look at the role kundalini energy plays in the awakening process.

Third eye awakening is the spiritual experience of activating one’s dormant psychic abilities. When we activate our kundalini energy at the base of the spine, it travels through the third eye chakra, activating the energy center, and awakening it’s dormant abilities. This leads to increased intuition, as well as potentially the ability to see remote places and the future events. 

Activating Kundalini energy is to be practiced with extreme caution, since if it arises when the person is not ready it can be extremely painful and can even lead to insanity. However, working with Kundalini is also one of the fastest and most effective ways of activating your third eye, and obtaining the incredible latent abilities that come with its activation.


Chakras Are Energy Centers That Run Up Our Spines

In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, “chakra” means ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. Chakras are centers of energy that run up the spine in the human body. Each chakra corresponds to a different aspect of our bodies, our experiences, and our lives. The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is related to issues of survival. Each higher chakra deals with more subtle or spiritual aspects as your move towards the crown of the head, where our connection to the divine is.

The Third Eye Chakra Transcends Space and Time

Each chakra has a corresponding color, which is a frequency of electromagnetic energy. Each higher chakra has a higher frequency of color than the lower chakras. The third eye chakra is the first chakra above the body. The chakras in the head are vibrating at frequencies so fast that they transcend our sense of space and time.

The color of the third eye chakra is indigo, a cool and very high frequency of electromagnetic energy. Ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, x-rays, and microwaves are some of the many frequencies within this spectrum of electromagnetic energy that are not visible to the physical eyes. The speed of light is the fastest known speed of any material phenomenon, and as each higher chakra relates to more transcendent aspects, the speed of light transcends our sense of time. Therefore, the third eye chakra transcends time.

Third Eye Awakening

The Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra of Clairvoyance and Vision

“The most significant aspect of consciousness at the level of the 6th chakra is the development of psychic abilities” – Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life

The third eye chakra pertains to the parts of our consciousness above space and time, existing in a purely spiritual sense. It allows us to view the holographic information of the universe, whether we currently possess the knowledge we are accessing, or are tapping into new information. By awakening our third eye chakra, we become conscious of these aspects of reality.

Just as we can recall and visualize in our mind’s eye details of our life, so too can we visualize what we desire to be in our life. For example, one can imagine themselves in their car, seeing the colors of the interior. But we can also visualize the car we would like to have, even if we have never been inside of it. If later we succeed in acquiring the car, those early visions of it are considered precognitive. The ability to see in our minds eye something that has not occurred is called imagination, which along which visualization, forms the essence of clairvoyant abilities.

The process of clairvoyance is a matter of systematically visualizing specific information, regardless of whether it was previously known. The 6th chakra transcends time, and we need not limit what information can be accessed to information that has been learned in the past. All information in the universe exists in a holograph form, and can be tapped into through the clairvoyant process. It involves the ability to retrieve, create, and project images, and depends largely upon the ability to ask the right questions.

Often, tarot, palmistry, or astrology are used as tools of divination during the clairvoyant process. Because energies of the ethereal realms are so subtle, clairvoyance requires practice, patience, and an open mind.

The Role of Kundalini in Third Eye Awakening

Often when a person experiences the third eye awakening, it is initiated by their Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine, and can be activated through yoga, Tantra, or even totally spontaneously. When activated it moves up through the chakras in a double helix pattern, awakening each chakra as it ascends. This energy infuses the chakras with energy, clearing and balancing them, though can overwhelmingly intense when the person is not prepared for it.

What Is Kundalini Awakening?

A change in the energy within us that causes us to transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Following a kundalini awakening experience, people often lead simpler, more spiritually focused lives. The word kundalini is a Sanskrit word than means “she who is coiled” and is referring to the primordial life force that we have at the base of our spines, often symbolized as a snake. When awakened, this energy travels up through the chakras to the crown chakra, connecting us with the divine and potentially transcending the ego.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

  • A spiritual connection with the divine that transcends the ego
  • Feelings of ecstatic bliss and infinite love
  • A sense of oneness and the interconnectedness of all things
  • Clarity in regards to major life changes you want to make
  • An increase in synchronicity in your life
  • Feelings of electrostatic energy moving around the spine
  • Vivid and lucid dreams, sometimes serpentine in theme

Dangers of Kundalini Awakening

While the last effects listed above are very positive, the actual process of kundalini awakening can be extremely painful and dangerous. Some of the dangers to watch out for include:

  • An overwhelming outpouring of old emotions
  • Inability to filter out information from the mind and being overwhelmed
  • A radical readjustment in how you perceive reality that borders on insanity at times
  • An obsession with minute details of synchronicity.
  • Inability to sleep, hypersensitivity to bright lights and loud noises

How Is Kundalini Energy Awakened?

There are a variety of ways kundalini energy can be awakened, and it is very unpredictable in nature. Ideally it is awakened gently while in a very safe environment, and with the aid of a spiritual advisor who is trained to deal with the experience. Through meditation and yoga, the serpent laying dormant at the base of the spine can be prompted to begin moving upwards through sushumnanadi, the central energy channel running up our spine. However, often kundalini awakening experiences happen in circumstances for from ideal.

Kundalini energy can also be awakened during sex. Whether lovers are consciously practicing tantra or not, they are creating powerful alchemical changes in energy during love making, which can trigger the kundalini energy. In cases where kundalini is unintentionally triggered during sex, I wonder if another aspect of the person’s soul, such as their higher self, was undergoing a ritual of energetic transform that is reflected on our plane of being. As above, so below.

Wither the kundalini is triggered through meditation, sex magic, or perhaps even through a traumatic experience such as a near-death accident, when the kundalini reaches the third eye chakra, magical things happen.

How Kundalini Effects the Third Eye Chakra

As it does to all the chakras when passing through, the kundalini energy transforms the third eye chakra. The old energy is cleared away, and an infusion of infinite universal energy occurs. Our subjective awareness changes, as the abilities of the third eye to visualize become accessible to us.

The Third Eye Chakra Is All About Vision

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. When the third eye chakra awakens, it triggers a profound change in consciousness, as a person’s awareness awakens to the ethereal realms, and visions of remote places or the future can be glimpsed.

Vision is the essence of what the third eye chakra is all about. It is our apparatus of psychic perception, just like the eyes are tools of vision for the brain. The third eye chakra contains a wealth of visual imagery that make up our visual thinking. It sees beyond merely the physical world, providing us with additional insight into our existence.

The Sanskrit name for the third eye chakra is Ajna, which means “to perceive”, or “to command”. The latter name indicates the chakra’s role in our personal manifestation process, as we visualize things into reality. Those who set goals understand the power of holding a clear vision of what we want our future to manifest into, and how the clearer our vision, the more likely our goals are to become reality.

The third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland, a tiny cone-shaped gland which is located in the center of the head. The pineal gland acts as a light meter for the body, sending messages to the body based on the light it is perceiving.

It has often been speculated that this gland has mystical functions beyond what we currently understand, and that it is in a dormant and atrophied state amongst people living in modern society.

Advanced practitioners of spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and Tantra report first hand experiences with the third eye awakening experience. As the third eye chakra awakens, a person’s ability to tap into their intuition is enhanced. Clear visions can be perceived containing information about the future, and how to best navigate through life, as well as the ability to see beyond time and space. An awakened third eye chakra enables:

The Ability to See Auras and Chakras

It means to not just see material objects within our limited sense of space and time, but to look at the fields of energy, at the relationship between things, and to reach with our minds clearly for the information we want. For example, to look at a person with regular sight you merely see their body, but to see with clear vision enables one to view the aura, the web of energies surrounding the person.

Perception of the Astral Plane

The astral plane is another level of reality, which Tibetan monks and others have reported experiencing after dedicated meditation. To perceive the astral plane means to transcend the human body, and exist as pure consciousness.

Precognition and Remote Viewing

Because awakening the third eye chakra enables to ability to perceive beyond time and space, the ability exists to see events in the future, or observe locations beyond where you are presently in yours minds eye. Precognition is the technical term for seeing the future, and an awakened third eye can perceive future events in the form of inner visions. Similarly, the ability to observe locations is not limited to the present location of the body with a fully awakened third eye chakra.

Techniques to Awaken the Third Eye

There are many other processes besides Kundalini rising which can awaken the third eye chakra. These include meditation, and visualization practices such as the snapshot method.

The Snap Shot Method of Third Eye Awakening

This exercise helps to strengthen your awareness of auras, and allows you to see someone’s aura if you don’t normally see auras.

Begin by sitting or standing about 6 feet away from the person you are observing, looking directly at one and other. Close your eyes and clear your mind, feeling grounded and centered.

Then like the shutter of a camera, very briefly open and close again your eyes, as though you are taking a photo with your eyes. This gives you a snapshot of the person you are observing. Hold that image in your mind and examine it. Look for the glow around their body. Observe what colors there are. As the image fades from your inner vision, take another snapshot by quickly opening your eyes for a brief moment again. Note which parts of the image fade or remain more strongly, as these are indicators into the state of the person’s energy field.

Meditation Third Eye

Meditation to Awaken the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye can be strengthened through meditation and visualization practices, including focusing your attention on your head, or between your eyebrows in your forehead. To begin visualization practices, first empty your mind so that you see a blank screen in your inner vision. Like dreaming, accessing the answers you are looking for involves personal imagery and symbolism. Visualizing is active dreaming, and with practice we can enhance the vividness and clarity of our visualizations.

Meditation to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy and Focus It to Your Third Eye

Kundalini is a very visceral experience, and the mediation techniques used to awaken it are likewise of a more physical nature than some other meditation techniques. Conscious breathing, mudras (hand gestures), and mantras are used. We will be publishing another article in the near future that goes into techniques for kundalini in more details.

Recommended Reading

If you’d like to continue researching the third eye as well as the other chakras and energy systems, you can see which books I recommend on the subject by clicking here.

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