Scorpio Rising: The Strongest Ascendent

When Scorpio is in a person’s ascendent sign, something unique happens. The Scorpio energy gets expressed in the ascendent areas of the person’s life, and the results have led to many people saying that Scorpio rising is the most powerful of the ascendent signs.

Scorpio Rising is often called the most powerful of the ascendent signs because people with this ascendent sign make such an impactful impression on other people. They are charming and attractive, and very intimidating to others.

People with Scorpio rising can also seem guarded and untrusting, and appear to have great knowledge and depth beneath their surface.

Many consider Scorpio to be the most powerful ascendent sign

Why Scorpio Rising is the Strongest Ascendant

Those who have a Scorpio rising, without meaning to, can be very intimidating to others. They are guarded and secretive, but also charming and sexy, with great depth to their hidden thoughts. They give the impression that they will reveal the many layers to who they are to only those who they consider worthy.

Scorpio rising people are receptive, understanding, and intuitive, yet unreactive and reveal little about themselves. They are charming and often have a great sense of humour, in particular dark humour and sarcasm. At times they can seem dark.

They are also physically attractive, as the rising sign is involved in determining your physical appearance. Scorpio rising seems tall or big, even if the person is not literally large. They are also physically protective, giving a feeling of safety to those who are with them.

Positive attributes of Scorpio Rising

  • Attractive and magnetic
  • Passionate
  • Strategic
  • Mystical

Negative attributes of Scorpio Rising

  • Manipulative
  • Jealous
  • Vindictive
  • Destructive

Review of Ascendent Signs

Also known as the rising symbol, your ascendent symbol is determined by what zodiac sign was rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. It is an important part of your birth chart, which maps out the location of the planets and stars when you were born, and can be used to find insights into your life path, and your purpose in life.

Most people know their own sun sign, but not everyone knows that we also have a moon sign, and rising sign. The moon sign is the hidden personal side of who we are. It is the side of you that only you know. The ascendent or rising sign on the other hand, is the part of you that the world knows.

In the case of Scorpio rising, it means that Scorpio was in the eastern horizon when that person was born, and that they possess Scorpio traits when dealing with others, and in how they are perceived by others. It determines your physical appearance, and people’s first impressions of you.

Scorpio constellation in the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth gives you the Scorpio rising sign

Determining Your Rising Sign

The sun spends about 30 days in each sign, making it relatively easy to determine your sun sign. The moon changes signs every two days making it a little more elusive, but the rising sign is even trickier to determine. You need to know the exact time you were born, as well as where. With that information, you can use a free online tool that will calculate it for you.

Review of Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpio is known as the most mysterious of the signs, being highly secretive and intense. It is one of the three water signs, along with Cancer and Pisces, and because it this, while Scorpio may appear calm on the outside, it is highly emotional on the inside.
The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto, which is about uncovering truth through struggle and overcoming. It takes Pluto 240 years to return to the same position it was in when you were born, and it is about revealing hidden depth and power beyond what was known, through a long struggle.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning it likes stability. Fixed signs are one of the three different kinds, along with cardinal, and mutable. Cardinal signs are at the beginning of each of the four seasons of the year, and are great leaders. Mutable signs occur at the end of each season, and have an “ending” feel. They are good at taking what others have started or created, and polishing and perfecting it. Fixed signs are in the middle of the seasons, and are Scorpio, along with Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. They act to stabilize, and make great friends.

Scorpio is associated with sex, death, and rebirth. Scorpio is characterized by passion, creativity, fearlessness, and loyalty. When someone has an ascendent sign of Scorpio, that means that those traits are how others perceive that person. In other words, someone with a rising sign of Scorpio appears to others as intense and secretive, passionate and creative, loyal, and perhaps obsessed with sex and death.

The Intensity of Scorpio Rising

Because people who have a Scorpio ascendent sign bring the intensity of Scorpio into their interpersonal dealings, it is often called the most powerful of the ascendent signs. Scorpio ascendents can be vengeful, and you do not want to have them for enemies if you are not ready to handle it.

In romance, Scorpio risings are intuitive, cautious but charming. They are highly motivated to find real love and friendship, and when they choose someone, they do it passionately, and can become very jealous and even obsessive when it comes to love. Their intensity, which at times can become dark, is intimidating and overwhelming to others.

People with Scorpio Rising signs are often physically attractive, but also become more beautiful at second glance, as much of their charm and beauty is at first hidden. They can be combative, and have even developed a reputation for being mean, but that is unintentional, and when in the right circumstances will open up and reveal their gentler side.

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