Blocked Root Chakra Symptoms: Is My Root Chakra Blocked?

A blocked root chakra is a very serious matter, which can significantly impact a person’s life. In this article we are going to explore the symptoms of a blocked root chakra, so that you know what to do look for when determining whether or not your root chakra requires your attention.

When the root chakra is blocked, your sense of groundedness, security, and ability to manifest on the physical plane of reality is diminished. The root chakra is the foundation of your physical reality, and supports all levels of your being. Fear can dominate the experience of a person with a blocked root chakra.

When the root chakra is open and balanced, you feel rooted and firm, both emotionally and physically. You are able to conquer life’s challenges with certainty and without fear. Your goals are easily obtainable. You face the challenges of life with courage, knowing that you will always overcome. A blocked root chakra can result in the opposite of these experiences.

A Blocked Root Chakra can Manifest in Experiences that Threaten your Survival

The root chakra is all about survival. When a person’s root chakra is out of balance, it can manifest in experiences that call in to question the person’s very ability to survive in our physical world. A person may struggle with paying the bills as a manifestation of their struggle with providing shelter for themselves. Food and water can be a challenge. A person may feel that they are constantly under threat from other people. They may be living in an unsafe neighborhood, or their home may not have proper security.

The root chakra is about survival.

A Blocked Root Chakra Can Cause the Inability to Manifest in your life

Often in spiritual communities much focus is placed on the profound and esoteric nature of the upper chakras. The depths of the heart chakra, and its role in our connections with family and friends can feel like everything at times to many people. And the exotic and sexy nature of the third eye and crown chakra stirs our imagination, appealing to our sense of adventure, the unknown, our longingness to connect with the divine, and to feel oneness with the whole universe. Certainly we proceed through an ascension process where our subjective awareness of these higher aspects of reality becomes more central to our consciousness.

But all too often the spiritual seeker will focus on these upper chakras at the expense of the lower, denigrating the root and other lower chakras in the process. But the ascension process is not to transcend the lower chakras, but to integrate them and obtain awareness on all levels of your being. There is an upward process that starts in the root chakras and transcends to the crown and beyond, as consciousness moves beyond ego awareness. But there is an equal downward movement of energy towards the root as well.

It is this downward movement of energy, starting at our crown chakra and descending through all of our chakras and eventually to the root that is the essence of our ability to manifest in life. Our hopes, dreams, and goals that we want to manifest begin in the oneness beyond our own individual egos. They then become a thought in our mind as the energy descends from the crown into the third eye. We might then verbalize the thought, at least to ourselves if not to others as well. We then must take action to realize our vision, often by working with others to make a project succeed. This will to action, and cooperation with others is associated with our third, or sacral chakra. But it is not until the flow of energy reaches the root chakra that the goal becomes manifest in reality. We live in the physical 3d dimension of the universe, and it is through the root chakra that we create in this physical reality.

Emotional Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra

Fear is the demon of the root chakra. Thousands of years ago when humans were lived as hunter gatherers, survival required our constant focus. From acquiring food, to avoiding predator animals, our lives were dedicated to simply surviving the demands of our physical environment. Our sense of fear is perhaps the most powerful emotion humans have, and we experience it when our safety or ability to survive is threatened. Fear is a powerful motivating factor. It is a call to action, which when mastered and worked with rather than against, propels us to achieve and do beyond what we thought possible. It has been said that fear is simply excitement without the breath. One can only imagine the elation and endorphins that a prehistoric person must have felt after successfully fleeing from a sabretooth tiger. But fear can also overwhelm and conquer a person. By strengthening our root chakra, we change our relationship to fear, so that rather than an paralyzing emotion, it becomes fuel for us to act and achieve.

A blocked root chakra can cause over-activeness in the upper chakras.

When we experience blockage in our lower chakras, it can mean an excess of energy in our upper chakras. An overactive imagination, an abundance of ideas with no action, or being excessively verbal are all indicators that this is the case. It is when our connection with the divine, our thinking, our relationships and our actions in the physical world are all in alignment that we powerfully manifest our visions. When the root chakra is blocked, this flow is not in alignment. Preoccupations with religious matters, eccentric needs to create art, excessive fixation on dream realms are also indicators that a blocked root chakra has stopped the flow of energy descending from the divine, throughout your being, and manifesting in the physical realm. Opening the root chakra allows the flow of energy to descend down from the upper chakras, in turn balancing them as well.

Physical Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra

More so than any other chakra, the root chakra pertains to our experience of living our physical reality, and therefore a diminished or unbalanced root chakra may be experienced in the physical body. When compared to our physical body, the root chakra is somewhat like our legs and stabilizing muscles in our core, in that it is the foundation of our energetic existence. And when the energetic foundation becomes compromised, we may experience issues with our physical foundation as well. For example knee problems, which challenge the stability of our standing posture, are related to the root chakra. When we are grounded, our legs and core stand firm, as we are able to hold steadfast in the face of life’s oncoming challenges.  But when our energetic foundation is compromised, so too is our physical, which in this human manifestation means the legs.  A blocked root chakra can even lead to sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs down our entire legs, connecting our feet with our central nervous system. Much like the roots of trees hold the tree firmly in place, through even severe storms, the sciatic nerve is like the roots of our nervous system.

Other physical systems of a blocked root chakra can include: impotence, prostate issues, eating disorders, and constipation.


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