11 Reasons Nikola Tesla was a Genius

A mysterious and enigmatic character in the history of technology, Serbian Inventor Nikola Tesla was an eccentric inventor. He was also one of the greatest inventors of all time, In this article, we are going to look why Nikola Tesla was a genius.

Nikola Tesla was also a genius of the highest order because of the inventions in electricity and radio he created. In his life he created nearly 300 patents, spoke eight languages, had a photographic memory, and an IQ of over 160.

An artistic interpretation of the incredible energy experiments Tesla conducted in his lab

1) Tesla Spoke 8 languages

Tesla’s massive intelligence, combined with the circumstances of his life led to him being fluent in a staggering eight languages. He was born into a family of Serbian descent in the Austro-Hungarian empire, in what is now Croatia. He received his education in German, and later emigrated to the United States where he did the work that he is famous for. The following is a list of the languages Tesla spoke:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Czech
  • French
  • Latin
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • German
  • Hungarian

2) Tesla had over 300 patents

Dedicating his life to his work, Tesla poured all of the money he received into more research, claiming around 300 patents in his lifetime. These included many electrical components and mechanical devices for the production of energy, the transmission of radio, as well as motors, robotics, and weaponry.

3) Tesla invented the remote control

In 1898 in Madison Square Garden Tesla presented his newest invention, a remote-controlled boat. He remotely piloted it around the stadium, to the awe of the audience, who could hardly believe it and insisted it must be a trick of illusion. The boat had an antenna to receive his directions, which allowed him to control the rudder and propeller. His called the remote control system “teleautomation”.

Tesla invented radio, the remote control, and many more things

4) Tesla invented radio

Another important chapter in the life of Tesla is the controversy surrounding the invention of the radio. Officially a man named Guglielmo Marconi invented radio, and he would be awarded a Nobel prize for his efforts. Based in Europe, Marconi gained prominence by doing the first cross-Atlantic Ocean radio broadcast. However, his work used many of Tesla’s patents and when he attempted to secure patents in the United States he was denied because it was too similar to Tesla’s work. But then Thomas Edison, the rich and powerful inventor and businessman who was the enemy of Tesla got involved, and by putting pressure on the patents office, he helped Marconi get the patents for radio in the United States. Later, after Tesla’s death, it was determined in court that his patents violated the previously existing patents of Tesla, but it was too late, and history does not give Tesla the recognition he deserves for his discoveries in radio technology.

5) Telsa had a photographic memory

Another reason Tesla was a genius, was his photographic memory, which is also sometimes referred to as “eidetic memory”. Tesla could visualize entire blueprints of inventions in his mind, sometimes not even bothering to write them down. Tesla inherited this ability from his mother, a brilliant self-educated woman. This was in part because of her genetics, but also because she taught him.

Her name was Georgina Duka Tesla and she came from a family with a long tradition of inventions, as both her father and grandfather had been inventors. As was the culture at the time, she was a house wife to her husband, an orthodox priest. But she created electrical inventions in her spare time as a hobby, including a mechanical egg beater. She educated Tesla as a boy, which involved extensive memorization exercises.

6) Tesla’s IQ was somewhere between 160 to 310 

Tesla apparently had a remarkable IQ of over 160, placing him amongst the highest IQs ever recorded. To put it in perspective, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking both had IQs in the 160-190 range. Most people’s IQs are in the 85-115 range. It was this rate brain power, combined with the unusual education from his mother as a child, his university education in Austria and Chez Republic, and a lifetime of obsessive research that all created the remarkable genius that was Nikola Tesla.

7) Tesla only slept two hours per night

Tesla was an eccentric character, and one of his unusual behaviours was only sleeping two hours per day. This would involve one period of 1.5 hours sleep, plus several short naps throughout the day. This would allow him to work on his inventions throughout the night.

8) Tesla claimed to be receiving messages from extra terrestrials

In 1899 Tesla received rhythmic sounds on a radio receiver, and believed them to be of extra-terrestrial origin. Shortly after in a conversation with Red Cross, he was asked what humanity’s greatest achievement could be in the next century. He responded that it may have already started, and could be contact with ETs. Skeptics could point to Tesla’s indicators of being mentally unstable as evidence that he was imagining the signals from ETS. Or perhaps it could have been that Tesla achieved such a high level of awareness that he was starting to perceive realms of reality beyond what most people can perceive.

9) Tesla wanted to create free energy

One of the projects Tesla devoted the most time in his life to, and officially was never achieved, was his energy generator. He envisioned a tower that transmitted energy over any distance through the upper atmosphere, supplying as much energy as needed to the entire planet. The banker and industrialist JP Morgan invested $150 000 in this research, but backed out before the completion of the project.

Tesla invented a tower to provide free energy to the before but funding was pulled prior to completion

10) Tesla was making a death ray weapon

Tesla claimed to have created a system he called Teleforce, which was a weapon that could shoot airplanes out of the sky from 150 miles away. His vision was that through the creation of such a deadly weapon, world peace could be achieved.

11) Tesla saw numerology in his scientific inventions

Like other geniuses throughout history, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton, Tesla was a scientific engineer, but saw metaphysical and esoteric principles present in his work. Tesla was obsessed with the numbers 3,6, and 9. He believed them to be central to understanding the laws that govern our universe. He would also use the numbers in his daily activities, such as washing his hands three times, and other habits and rituals.

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